Do you know what the energy switch on your fridge actually does?

Do you know why they would make an energy switch that you can turn off and on? Why not leave it in energy saving mode all of the time?

The reason to all of those questions has to do with the real function of the switch. If you have one of these switches then your fridge has an electric heater that heats up the door frame and through it the door seal. Without this heating, during the summer months when the humidity is high the humidity would condense on the cold door frame and door seal and then you would have water dripping on your floor.

So, in the summer months be sure to turn that energy switch off, but then in the fall go ahead and turn it back on and save yourself some money.

If you fridge does not have an energy switch, not to worry. Your fridge still heats up the door frame and seal and does it all the time. The difference is that it uses the warm refrigeration line (the heat that is being removed from your fridge) to warm up the door frame and seal rather than an electrical method. When it can be used, this is actually the far more efficient method.