Kitchen Appliances

To Self-Clean, or Not to Self-Clean, That is the Question

It’s Wednesday before Thanksgiving and you’re making the final food and cleaning preparations for your guests. As you go through your checklist you see the oven, open it, and see the burnt cheese on the bottom from your son’s frozen pizza and decide you should start a self-clean cycle. You set it to clean and

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Do you know what the energy switch on your fridge actually does?

Do you know why they would make an energy switch that you can turn off and on? Why not leave it in energy saving mode all of the time? The reason to all of those questions has to do with the real function of the switch. If you have one of these switches then your

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What should go in your dishwasher?

Often the debate for couples on if the dishes should be just scraped or scraped and rinsed is about as contentious as which way the TP roll should go on the holder. When it comes to scraping and rinsing or just scraping dishes it does not matter. It just matters how much soap you use.

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